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Are you ready for 64Bits?

11 de novembro de 2009 Deixe um comentário Go to comments

All Linux distribuitions and others OS have 64Bits versions. But, is worth?

What are the improvements that platform?

  • Speed?
    Most 64Bits softwares actually just recompiled from 32Bits code ( Like Firefox / OpenOffice / Some Linux Libraries ), if you are looking for performance, i would reconsider…
  • Compatibility
    No all softwares run under 64Bits. But major OS can be “emulate” a 32Bit system to run this softwares, but the performance decreases.
  • Drivers and Hardware
    Considering Modern Hardwares, you don’t have problems with drivers on Linux. But, if you have a generic Wireless Card or WinModen, you lost some time to make it work!
  • Memory > 4Gb
    This is a crucial factor to migrate to 64Bits! If you have more than 4Gb of RAM, use 64Bits!
  • Common Softwares
    Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Java, OpenOffice, MPlayer, KDE, Gnome and most Linux softwares have a 64Bits version
  • Servers
    Apache / Mysql / PostGre / PHP and most servers have a 64Bits version
  • Software Libraries
    You will have problems with some libraries and will certainly have a lib32 folder on your machine!

I did not see benefits for now, but I ventured on 64Bit when installing Fedora 12!

Make your impressions!

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